Vale SC Basketball.

The Vale Basketball Program

operates in an academy-like framework
for girls and boys (grades 4th-12th).

Our overall player development philosophy is driven by a deep-seated belief that better people make better athletes. Accordingly, we drive a commitment (and winning) culture that teaches the student athlete to be better problem solvers, and develops winning character traits through adherence to our Program’s three pillars:

1. Player and Skill Development in the Read & React System. Basketball fundamentals—both on the offensive and defensive side of the court--are the hallmark of our Program. Further, our overall basketball philosophy is conveyed through the Read & React System. In short, Vale Basketball players are not taught plays—rather, they are taught “how to play.” These Read & React skills and principles are transferable to all playing situations at all levels of basketball.
2. Age Appropriate Strength & Conditioning. We believe that you shoot the basketball with your core, you pass the basketball with your core and your overall endurance as a player is driven by the strength of your core. Accordingly, our age appropriate strength and conditioning philosophy is “Core 4” training which is conducted in the strength and conditioning areas in the rear of our facility.
3. Leadership Development. As we work to develop our next generation of leaders on and off the court, we focus the student athlete on the three principle qualities that all leaders must exhibit: (1) superior communications; (2) strategic thinking (and being an additional coach on the court); and (3) eternal perseverance.

How is Vale Basketball training different from any other Basketball program?

Vale's training is different, we believe decision making is important. We ask our coaches to incorporate cognition in each area of their trainings. We also focus on the players character as a main piece and will train it on and off the field. Our methodology believes the kids can learn individual skills outside of a team environment. In a team setting we want to breakdown the decision-making process and competence to execute those skills. Knowing the skill but not knowing when to execute it doesn’t help us with the flow of the game. Our players will be built for Character, Cognition and Competence in order to succeed in the game of Basketball and life. On average our teams will train, play and be in our learning environment 25% more than other surrounding programs.

Ed Battle - Director of Coaching and Player Development

Coach Battle was born on November 29th, 1977, in Buffalo, New York. Coach Battle graduated from Kensington (Buffalo) High School in 1995. Coach Battle is a four year All Western New York Athlete for Basketball from 1991-1995. Coach Battle attended and played basketball at Alfred State College (1995-1996) and Georgia College and State University (1996-1999). There was a brief professional career in Ireland where Coach Battle played for Belfast Star of the Super League (1999), before tearing an ACL. In 2000, Coach Battle transitioned to Connecticut with hopes of joining Connecticut Pride CBA Club, but play was suspended for the 2000-2001 season. Coach Battle attended Post University and graduated in 2000, with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology Degree. For the past 18 years, I have worked for the State of Connecticut as a Probation Officer.

Our Coaches!

Your development is our priority!

Gary Collins

(Playing Career) Coming Soon
(Coaching Career) Coming Soon

Ed Battle

(Playing Career) Coming Soon
(Coaching Career) Coming Soon

Eggie Quinones

(Playing Career) Vinal Technical High School
(Coaching Career) Hartford Club, Middletown Rec, AAU 2015-Present

Mary-Kate "MK" Gilhooly

(Playing Career) AAU, North West Catholic, Central Connecticut State
(Coaching Career) AAU Coach

Dan Sadowski

(Playing Career) Coming Soon
(Coaching Career) Coming Soon

Sam Smith

(Playing Career) St. Aquinas High School; Oak Hill Academy, Univ. of Hawaii, Univ. of Kansas
(Coaching Career) Private Trainer

George Dohery

(Playing Career) Coming Soon
(Coaching Career) Coming Soon

Angel Solar

(Playing Career) Hartford High School, Capital Community College
(Coaching Career) AAU Coach 2016 - Present

Richard Moore

(Playing Career) Coming Soon.

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